our team spread on a globe


Jim Welsh

Managing Director


English, Spanish

Jim is the principal buyer and seller for Oceanic. He was born into the industry, making seafood his career as his father and grandfather have done before him.

Beverley Renwick

Finance Director



Beverley is a strong and experienced accounting professional with excellent forecasting, budgeting, cashflow and management accounting skills, responsible for the overall finance strategy of Oceanic Seafoods. Her role is to manage and develop the finance functions and procedures of the business which are key to its smooth operation.

Beverley contributes to the achievement of the company’s business objectives by providing advice and guidance on financial strategy.

She works to develop and control the company’s annual operating budget to ensure that all financial targets are met and that financial and statutory regulations complied with.

Leandro Kwiczor

Operations Manager


English, French & Spanish

Leandro is responsible for Oceanic’s logistics. His job is all about ensuring that our import processes run smoothly so that we keep the promises we make to our customers.

Ling Guo

Asia Commercial Manager


English, Chinese

Ling’s role in Oceanic Seafoods is to support the buying of raw materials from China / Far East approved suppliers, manage the contracts in place and control Oceanics’ Quality Control inspectors time and planning during production of contracts. She will also give buying support to Jim the MD.

Ling brings 20 years’ experience of international business practice and administration. She has previously also worked in Korean, German and Indian companies as an assistant and translator to support the liaisons between suppliers and customers; and with her deep understanding of cultural diversities, she can help to promote international business relations whilst supporting Oceanics’ trading in it’s smooth running.

Xingling Wu Trading Assistant in Oceanic sea

Xingling Wu

Technical Manager


English, Chinese, Cantonese

Xingling’s role is to support Oceanic’s trading operations and make sure all the trading activities are planned and well managed. She also assists in the communication with supply chain, quality control and logistics to ensure high-quality products are shipped in time from China to our customers.

Nico Beraud

European Sales Manager


French, English & Spanish

Nico is our Regional Sales Manager & Business Development Lead for Europe. With over two decades of unparalleled experience in the seafood industry, Nico has an impressive background, having owned and operated a premier seafood processing facility in North Norway. His expertise extends through the entire value chain of Atlantic seafood, from sourcing directly from coastal boats to managing the intricacies of fresh fish processing.

His profound passion for the ocean and the seafood business aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance the distribution and quality of our seafood exports in Europe.


Peter Zhan

QA Manager – Shandong Province


English, Chinese

Peter’s major in college was in fish farming, and he has 15 years of experience in the seafood processing industry including 3 years of experience in food safety auditing.

Peter’s wealth of experience supports Oceanic in keeping strict control over all our production and he brings valuable knowledge in promoting our high standards

Dongliang Wei

QA Manager – Shandong Province


Chinese, English

Dongliang is a seasoned QA and QC professional with over 13 years experience in the Seafood industry. He also brings valuable product development experience to the business and has a thorough understanding of production processes and standards.