The next wave of sustainability

Oceanic Seafoods aims to grow to make sustainable seafood the norm without sacrificing consistency or limiting variety. While we don’t compromise on quality, our products and specifications are flexible and customisable to fill any market needs. We’re in control every step of the way. Clients can request any MCS, MSC-approved species and specific final products, removing potential barriers to sustainable seafood accessibility and further bridging the gap between quality and ecologically sound products. Our team’s inherent flexibility allows us to adapt to meet our clients’ needs as they grow and change.

Our mission is to offer our customers long-term security, profitability, and growth. Our ultimate goal is to expand upon our already environmentally-conscious practices to produce a onehundred-percent sustainable seafood production model.

Taking sustainability seriously

This goal can only be achieved with long-term effort, constant vigilance, and a commitment to progress. Each day we strive to improve incrementally to advance the seafood industry as a whole, and our partnerships with the MCS, MSC and SSC offer us the opportunity to learn from and teach other innovative industry professionals. The measures we take in each aspect of our business operations (sourcing, processing, shipping, etc.) reflect our values on reducing our environmental impact to prevent further excessive loss of vital ocean life. Our meticulous attention to detail in this regard sets us apart from competitors, and three generations of experience have given us invaluable insight as to where to concentrate our efforts to make the most significant impact. Our incessant scrutiny of each step of the process pays off every time, so you’re assured of unrivalled quality and sustainability in every product.