In 2020, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations released a report revealing that 34.2% of the world’s fisheries are overfished – bad news for a world that relies on the oceans to feed its growing communities.

This is one of the reasons Oceanic Seafoods takes sustainability very seriously and diligently maintains rigorous standards to mitigate the negative impact of our seafood production on the world’s oceans and their populations. Sustainable fishing practices secure our planet’s future for future generations of people inhabiting it.

Oceanic Seafoods is a global enterprise that imports and exports seafood all over the world, meaning our operations have the potential to significantly impact a number of ecosystems that are vital to the health of our planet. Our main headquarters are located in the UK, and we have a second branch based in China to better serve our customers in China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Korea – but we source and process our goods on or around almost every continent.

We seek to ensure the long-term viability of the seafood industry and its ability to provide nourishment for citizens all over the world by practising responsible resource management. Our high standards help us fulfil that promise while simultaneously accommodating the demands of today’s markets. Our sustainable sourcing policies include:

  • Promoting line-caught fishing
  • Accountability through traceability
  • Avoiding vulnerable species
  • Partnering with the Marine Stewardship Council
  • Partnering with the Sustainable Seafood Coalition to raise industry standardsOur passion and expertise in procurement, processing, and fishing practices uniquely establish Oceanic Seafoods as one of the foremost authorities on sustainable seafood. We are committed to growing and expanding our knowledge to continue improving our products’ quality and sustainability indefinitely. Our business practices and ever-expanding standards embody this through:
  • Compliance auditing
  • Thorough inspections
  • Global operating consistencyIn addition to practising ecological responsibility in fishing, we also seek to create an ethically responsible workplace for the individuals along the supply chain that get our products from the ocean to your table. The labour force in catching vessels, processing and shipping facilities is free of child labour and inhumane treatment. Personnel working along the supply chain are guaranteed, among other things:
  •  Livable wages
  • Safe working conditions

Sustainable Sourcing Policies

Sustainability is high on the list of considerations when carefully crafting our company policies. Our decisions across all branches are guided by our ethical responsibility to ensure that we contribute as little as possible to the sustainability crisis while continuing to produce high-quality seafood products.

When purchasing raw H&G material, our decisions are made in anticipation of ecological impact. The decisions we make and the regulations we implement and/or follow at the sourcing level have considerable influence on the overall sustainability of our entire operation. Because of this, we advocate for line-caught fishing, species avoidance, and the full traceability of products to promote ecologically sound seafood harvesting.

Line-Caught Fishing

More intentional fishing practices are key to maintaining a sustainable seafood supply. Line fishing allows for individual selection to ensure that only seafood of the targeted species, maturity level, and quality are delivered to consumers. This lessens the potential for bycatch – an unfortunate (and unsustainable) outcome often associated with different types of net fishing and other less sustainable fishing practices. We prioritise and promote line-caught fishing wherever possible to reduce the potential for overfishing or other destructive practices.

Full Traceability

Oceanic Seafoods further maintains accountability for adhering to standards via traceability. We have the ability to track all products back to the vessels they were caught by to guarantee that quotas are respected, and fair fishing practices are followed. This kind of transparency is paramount to ensure that policy is enforced and sustainability is upheld.

Species Avoidance

The Marine Stewardship Council keeps an updated register of depleted species populations in global fisheries. The exploitation of the most depleted varieties of seafood creates the possibility for disastrous consequences: extinction of one or more species and subsequent collapse of the food chain. We further attempt to reduce our impact on natural ocean ecosystems by avoiding these vulnerable species. We only import and export species from fisheries with viable population numbers to promote species resiliency and diversity.

Marine Stewardship Council

The Marine Stewardship Council works globally to foster more sustainable fishing practices and create accessibility across the seafood industry. By establishing standards of fishing that protect seafood populations and offering certifications to suppliers and processors, MSC makes it easy for consumers to identify companies that care about ecological preservation.

As a proud Marine Stewardship Council-approved company, Oceanic Seafoods adheres strictly to the standards that they have set forth to ensure our company and all associates are participating in safe, legal, and sustainable seafood production across global markets. We work with MSC-certified fisheries whenever possible to provide the best possible outcomes for our products and the planet.

Sustainable Seafood Coalition

The Sustainable Seafood Coalition is a UK-based partnership between seafood businesses to collectively utilise leverage to improve standards across the seafood and fishing industries. The SSC also brings more clarity to labels and their claims: since its inception in 2011, the Coalition has worked to develop rigid guidelines and a code of conduct for sourcing and labelling seafood products. Before this, manufacturers and retailers could make unsubstantiated claims about the sourcing of their products without a central authority for customers to turn to for authentication. When you purchase from an SSC-partnered company like Oceanic Seafoods, you’re assured that sustainability and origin packaging claims are accurate and true.

Always-Evolving Standards

Setting high standards once isn’t enough – they must be reevaluated and raised as new information, technologies, and advancements are made. Oceanic Seafoods is committed to remaining on the frontline of quality and ethical standards. We constantly and diligently monitor and update our standards to reflect the most progressive ideals.

Compliance Audits

Before establishing a contract, we audit each potential supplier and processor and only pursue a business relationship with contractors that meet our strict standards. This also applies to transportation contractors like hauliers and shipping lines. Where possible, we opt to use processors and suppliers that hold MSC certifications, though we hold all partners to the same standards regardless of certification status. All facilities, equipment, processes, procedures, and personnel must comply with guidelines before and during the contract period.

Thorough Inspections

Oceanic Seafoods products are thoroughly inspected before shipment to ensure top-notch quality and safety, reducing the potential risk our clients take on when importing seafood products. We maintain careful control of the quality of raw products to guarantee that the final product is exceptional. No matter the size, all shipments can be provided with a UKAS-certified analysis of microbiology and chemical makeup.

Global Consistency

One of the most important aspect of our high standards is that we maintain them across all of our operations and with all partners globally. Our commitment to consistently upholding our values

is non-negotiable regardless of the implications of adhering to them. No corners cut, no shortcuts taken. No matter the origin or the chain of custody of the product, it’s subject to the same guiding principles as all other Oceanic Seafoods products.

Ethical Employment

Oceanic Seafoods’ ethical ideals apply to more than just the seafood we produce. Workers are entitled to a fair expectation of the quality of life, and we are committed to meeting the requirements of the International Labour Organisation. All suppliers and processing facilities must comply with the same standards and regulations regardless of location. We strive to ensure that workers along our supply chain can work in a discrimination-free environment, treat all employed individuals humanely, and allow for freedom of association. All facilities are free of child labour and provide regular at-will employment. Oceanic Seafoods’ is a key member of SEDEX- Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, a membership organisation that provides one of the world’s leading online platforms for companies to manage and improve working conditions in global supply chains. This enables suppliers to maintain data on ethical & responsible practices and allows them to share this information with their customers.

Liveable Wages

Employees of Oceanic Seafood are given a liveable wage for the great value they add to the company and their valuable assistance in maintaining the sustainable seafood movement, all in accordance with the requirements of the International Labour Organisation. This also applies to individuals employed in our partner facilities to source, process, and ship our products. Workers should be able to provide for themselves and their families with the wages they make from working a reasonable number of hours each week.

Safe Working Conditions

Safe working conditions are an internationally recognised human right, and Oceanic Seafoods voraciously protects that right within our supply and processing chain. Fishing can be a dangerous occupation, and we aim to minimise risks through policy. Safety protocols are researched, established, and enforced to ensure that individuals are safe from avoidable hazardous conditions and substances. All work environments are held to the highest standards of hygiene for the health of our workers and the safety of our products.

Join the Next Wave of Sustainability

Oceanic Seafoods is committed to perpetually pushing the envelope of what it means to be sustainable in the seafood and fishing industry, not only as an individual company but as a leader in the field. We hope to encourage positive transformations among others in the seafood business to leave a lasting impression on the future of our aquatic food sources.

Join Oceanic Seafoods in promoting more sustainable fishing practices to preserve the seafood supply for the next generation and beyond. Learn more about our stance on sustainability here, or visit our partners at the Marine Stewardship Council or Sustainable Seafood Coalition to learn

more about the global standards and policies we follow. From our other partner, the Marine Conservation Society, you can learn more about which fishing practices and species are sustainable, and which fish should be avoided.

Contact us here for more information or to become an Oceanic Seafoods retailer.