A new staple seafood has entered the UK’s food market. Deriving its name from its red colour when caught in freshwater, rich in flavour with a firm texture, the Argentinian Red Shrimp is expected to make a splash in the UK market.

Although comparable to lobster, no other crustacean holds the sweetness of Argentinian Red Shrimp. Their buttery flavour and juicy texture gives them a fresh taste without the need to be overly processed. Coming in bigger sizes, the shrimp are seen as a lower costing yet flavoursome alternatives to lobster. In contrast to lobster which is prone to high price variations due to seasonality, the shrimp has two major seasons, which span from June through to March. Being out of season for a small period ensures sustainability and replenishment as it reduces the risk of farming, and subsequently reduces quality in taste.

Being caught in a sustainable manner takes precedence over other factors while catching the Shrimp. Working with the best providers, who focus on maintaining the population of fish which further reduces the potential of flavour degradation and is key to ensuring a sustainable replenishment of quality tasting shrimp.

Working with only those companies who are certified with sustainable fishing awards ensures an ethical process throughout the operation.

Nutritional Value of Argentinian Red Shrimp

Shrimp are a healthy component of a diet, with the Argentinian red shrimp being no exception. Their generous size and filling nature are paired with a high level of protein and low fat. The vast range of vitamins and minerals in shrimp are what comprise the nutritional value, offering healthy amounts of Vitamin B12, iodine, iron, potassium, and zinc. Their prominent levels of omega-3 fatty acids are a great component for those looking to increase blood flow and combat heart related diseases.  Rich in selenium, choline and vitamin E, the Argentinian red shrimp also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients such as astaxanthin, which help protect cells against skin damage and subsequently, reduce signs of aging.

Lower Calorie and More Sustainable

A serving size of 85g consists of around 60 calories with an enormous 12 grams of protein, as well as being a healthier option of protein compared to standard choices such as chicken, pork, or beef. These meats are processed using an unsustainable farming process, which consume resources and emit greenhouse gases. Keeping in mind these comparisons aren’t to promote shrimp replacing conventional meats, but to shed light on healthier alternatives for a well-balanced diet. The high calories and large amount of fats in conventional meats can lead to unhealthy nutritional levels when the proportions increase. Therefore, a food source such as Argentinian red shrimp helps to alleviate the dependency on any one type of meat source in general.

Easy To Cook

In contrast to other high protein foods, the Argentinian red shrimp is abundant with flavour and a quick and easy source of protein. Whether it’s a stir fry or a salad, they will enrich any meal by offering a healthy and tasty addition, without having to process or modify the shrimp. Due to their larger size and flavour, cooking shrimp takes little preparation and seasoning, as long as it is freshly caught, packed and delivered quickly.

On The Path To Certification

The Argentinian red shrimp is well on its way to getting its Marine Stewardship Council award, which displays fisheries having met sustainability requirements. Ensuring a healthy supply of fresh wild fish in our oceans takes precedence over other factors when fishing. Avoiding farming and reducing antibiotic intake in the fish is what drives many organisations to use ethical and sustainable practices. Although the pandemic slowed down the process, work on the Fishery Improvement Project is being carried out to obtain the MSC award, which will enable the Argentinian Red Shrimp being available in retail and food service industries throughout the country, without the fear of depleting marine wildlife.

Sustainability is Priority

It is critical to work only with those who focus on achieving that MSC award and being a part of the sustainability and fishing industry, such as ourselves. Fishing in fresh water and reduced bycatch aids the ethical and sustainable model. Consuming fish from their natural habitat ensures a fresher and more natural catch which is best for maintaining a healthy body. Without sustainability certifications, we run the risk of lack of regulation, resulting in depletion of wild-caught Argentinian red shrimp. Awareness of the fishing season and working only with fishers who adhere to the sustainable practices, ensures maximum productivity while allowing the fish to replenish in a sustainable manner. It has double the positive impact of protecting our planet’s ecosystems while at the same time ensuring that we always have a fresh and healthy food source.

The Mission of Oceanic Seafoods

Our mission is not only to promote the Argentinian red shrimp but to introduce the value of all types of seafood while employing the best possible up-to-date, relevant approach to fishing, storage and transportation. We are continually working on delivering the highest standards while prioritising quality and sustainability. Our constant work and support on our Fishery Improvement project ensures our ability to offer Argentinian red shrimp to the UK market. Guaranteeing a sustainable and ethical fishing process for all our products, which benefits the marine ecosystem, is what favours our customer in terms of taste and the long-term direction of our organisation. As well as complying with local fishing rules and obtaining an MSC award, we internally hold ourselves to the highest possible standards.

In The End

By providing high-quality Argentinian Red Shrimp to the UK diet, and it being a part of the overall seafood supply, we’ll be able to reduce the need we have for alternative meat. At the same time, helping to balance out the consumption we have of seafood in general will be beneficial to the UK population, which has an increasing desire of delectable seafood in their diet. The more diverse options we are able to provide, the more sustainability we’ll have across the entire marine ecosystem. With seafood being one of the best types of diet to have, ensuring an ample supply mix of seafood is crucial to the long term demands which will only grow globally.

The focus on the forefront is on being a sustainable fishing company which provides only products that achieve an MSC Award. Our vendors and buyers value this as they’re able to offer higher quality and better margin products due to how we source our sustainable seafood supplies. Check us out here to read our entire mission of sustainable fishing and providing a nutrient-rich food source to the UK markets.